3 Types of Belt Holsters

When carrying a firearm, it is important to have a holster that you love and are comfortable using. If not, mistakes can be made resulting in danger to you and those around you. For this reason, this article will describe three variations of belt holsters. Please use proper gun safety etiquette when handling firearms and ammunition.

The Leather Belt Holster

If you’re a fan of the old west, maybe a leather holster is for you! It is easy to find one with an eye-catching design. They often have slits cut into them to make sliding your belt through a breeze. Leather is a very sturdy and flexible material when cared for properly, so you’ll only have to be wary of any stitching ripping on the holster. You can sometimes put multiple gun models in the same leather holster.

The Plastic Belt Holster

A plastic holster is a great choice for the economically conscious gun owner. A drawback to these is that they’re oftentimes molded to fit a specific model of gun. Belt holsters like these can also be prone to cracking when exposed to the elements, but are beneficial in that they are lightweight and can be easily replaced.

The Canvas Belt Holster

If you want to feel like a soldier when carrying your firearm, consider purchasing a canvas holster. The material is lightweight and extremely cost-efficient. Most can fit many gun models, some even come with extra pockets! The main drawback is that the material is not waterproof.

To conclude, deciding which gun holster is best for you is a very important choice. There are countless options available, but the primary one covered here was belt holsters. Each holster material has pros and cons, so be sure to do thorough research and choose the holster best suited for your needs.