Compliment Your Active Lifestyle with Luxurious Bamboo Clothing

There is a reason that people choose premium fabrics. The feel, the durability, and the strength. The favorite among those reasons is the feel. Fabrics such as chenille, silk, and Egyptian cotton have a luxurious appeal, that is seemingly unparalleled in the fabric industry. This is the consensus of fabric content, anyway. There is another fabric, however, that certainly does parallel, and some could argue exceeds the value of other premium fabrics. This material is made from bamboo. Wait, what?? Bamboo is rigid, fibrous, seemingly more appropriate for basket weaving. How in the world can something as tough as bamboo, a basic “tree” in the grass world that is used to build furniture and flooring be soft, supple, and incredibly smooth on your skin?

Benefits of Natural Bamboo Products

The extraction of the pulp inside the bamboo is something completely different than the woody structure of the stalk and is in fact used in fabric applications. The resulting product is possibly the most silky-smooth linens and knits you will encounter. Everything from tanks to tees, from shorts to joggers can be fashioned from this fabric, and there are even blankets constructed from bamboo batting. The benefits of bamboo include added strength, antibacterial properties, and that soft-on-the-skin texture that people everywhere crave.

Where Does One Find Bamboo Clothing?

There are branded clothing lines that specialize in utilizing this phenomenal fabric, such as free fly clothing. With a wide range of styles, there is something to compliment any active lifestyle. For the jogger, the vast line of comfortable apparel is available in pants and shorts. If you are someone who enjoys lounging in the comfort of your home, there are many options for you as well. Keeping a wardrobe equipped with the perfect attire for many applications and activities gives you choices to accommodate your daily routines. Enjoy an array of color choices for the pickiest of shoppers.

What Types of Bamboo Clothing Are Available?

Tank tops are always a trendy option in many outfit ensembles. This summer’s heat wave makes this a viable option to stay your coolest, and the soft fibers won’t irritate your skin on those active days. Tees are designed for casual and durable comfort to match many styles. Shorts help you stay cool in the most comfortable way possible.
Joggers offer protection from the elements while providing airflow makes the jogger a good choice for outdoor fun. Women’s dresses compliment the curves while providing comfort all day long. Bamboo-lined fleece pullover outerwear provides a softness next to your skin in addition to the outer style and fabric you are looking for. Hoodies
are perfect for the cooler seasons, mid-weight and long-sleeved tops keep the chill off and still provide the desired look. Flexible polo tops are shirts are appropriate for work and play; a flex polo moves with your body to avoid restricting movement in addition to looking your best.


Make the Switch

Once you try the clothing for yourself, you can decide which type of fabric is right for you. Some Fabric suppliers offer free swatches to feel the texture and quality of Bamboo for yourself before making a purchase. This is a handy way to decide if you would like to make the switch to this fabric and enjoy the benefits of the fiber properties for yourself.