Legal Marijuana Retail Stores and Vending

Legal Marijuana has become a hot topic as of late, with several states already allowing the use of marijuana in medical form and some for recreational use. Marijuana Dispensaries are scattered all over the US, most are for patients with medical marijuana cards. In recent years many states have been researching guidelines to meet recreational standards, with few approving the sell of recreational marijuana. Many states such as New York and New jersey have recently been thumbing the idea of legalizing the substance for recreational use, in doing so they hope to increase the amount of tax revenue brought in by the product.

Canada has already taken the lead against the US by approving the sell of recreation cannabis on October 17th, 2018. Canada has legalize the substance on a national level, becoming the second country in the world to do so. With the legalization of recreation marijuana, Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries have began to open all across the country. Over 100 recreational dispensaries have opened and individuals have been flocking to the destinations, some even waiting outside the store until opening time so they can be first in line. Canada is not the only place where legal dispensaries have opened, we have a few right here in the States. Colorado, Washington, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, California, Alaska, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Michigan are the states currently in the US that have approved the sell of recreational cannabis. Each State has its own set of dispensaries, in some states there may be a multiple of dispensaries scattered around. These dispensaries offer a variety of different marijuana products, these products different strains of sativa, indica, and hybrid plant forms. These strains range in strength and effects. Some cannabis strains will produce a relaxing high while others might seem to give the mind a kick start and seem to give an individual energy.

Marijuana is not an addictive substance and poses potentially little to no risks. Marijuana is sold in these dispensaries as a smokeable flowered bud, edible food or drink, oils derived from the plant, and sticky wax like dabs that can be smoked with a special tool. These dispensaries vary on age limitations but for most of them 21 is considered the youngest a person can purchase these items or be allowed in the premises. This has been established as a way to prevent younger individuals from entering and obtaining the substance, though the plant is not harmful to adults, it does have the potential to alter brain growth in individuals under 21 years of age. This occurs because as a person ages and matures, their brain is still in development, once you reach a certain age your brain stops developing, smoking the substance under age has the potential to alter the growth of an individuals mind and inevitably putting a halt on key functions of the adult mind. These stores offer individuals a unique atmosphere to go about their business without the worry of stigma surrounding them, as time goes on more and more states will start taking a more serious look at recreation use and in time the entire country of the US might agree to lift the national ban and we could start seeing recreation stores open nationwide.