Survival Skills Everyone Should Have

Knowing basic survival skills isn’t just necessary for people who go camping or are preparing for the world to end. You could find yourself stuck in a life or death situation one day, and your survival skills could be the difference between you getting out alive or dying where you are. Here are some survival skills that everyone should have.

Getting Food

One of the best ways to have a reliable food source is to go foraging. Many plants have edible leaves and berries on them that can provide enough fuel to keep your body going. Look for familiar plants like blackberries or dandelions that you know are safe to eat. If you’re not an experienced forager, you should avoid getting any type of mushrooms because they could be deadly.

If you’re near a water source, you can try to go fishing Jacksonville FL¬†with a basic pole made from a tree branch and vines growing on the ground.

Create a Shelter

Even on a warm day, hypothermia can set in quickly if you get stuck out in the rain. Because of that, you’ll want to know how to keep yourself warm and dry. If you have a tarp with you, you can place it over a low-hanging tree branch to create an A-frame shelter.

If you don’t have a tarp, you could look for materials around you. Rely on small, downed trees to build up some walls and pine boughs to create a roof. You’ll be best off to create your shelter under a large tree, so you’re even more protected from the elements.

Build a Fire

It is absolutely vital to know how to build a fire if you want to survive in an emergency situation. You can not only use it to purify water and cook your food, but it also helps scare predators away and will keep you warm. There are many small tools you can carry on your keyring to help you easily start a fire, or you can take classes to learn how to do it from the elements you find around you.