Types of chiropractic techniques

Even if you have suffered from a car accident, sports injury, or nagging pain, a professional chiropractor provides an extensive treatment technique to help solve your issues. One of the fundamental components of chiropractic care is that it involves a non-invasive and natural approach to treatment. That means the chiropractor does not use any addictive medicine or surgery. Instead, the chiropractor uses holistic and manual treatment to offer their services. Keep reading this article to undertake the different chiropractic techniques.

Activator method

It is a treatment that chiropractors provide while the patient lies face down on a table. The method can assist the therapist in locating and treating headaches, back pain, and neck pain. The method uses a small hand-held chiropractic tool that delivers a pulsing force to the spine to restore optimal motion to the spine or joint. The activator method is similar to spinal manipulation, but it provides a low-force instrument and a quick pulse. The method can benefit patients with severe pain and older people. When using the activator technique, chiropractors monitor leg length discrepancies to significantly impact the pelvis and spine.

Direct trust technique

It is a manual technique that is grouped into low velocity and high amplitude. Direct thrust adjustment implies that the chiropractor engages in a restrictive barrier that encompasses pulling instead of exalting force against body structures. The therapist will position the joint to engage the barrier effectively. Most joints demonstrate movement in rotation, side bending, translation, extension, and movement in flexion. The direct thrust technique can improve range of motion, reduce inflammation, relieve, and spinal realignment.

Gonstead method

It is a hands-on technique that most Chiropractor Near Me Athens Alabama use. It is effective for spinal alignment or long-term back pain relief. The method was named after its developer, Clarence Gonstead, and it is performed when the patient lies on their side or sitting up. The Gonstead method starts with a comprehensive evaluation of neck and spine problems using physical examinations and x-rays. The method might be used in various ways in the spine to relieve pain and improve mobility. The method can treat chronic pain, inflammation, pelvic or hip misalignments, neck and back pain.

Graston therapy

It uses stainless steel equipment to perform muscle mobilization and concentrates on soft tissue mobilization. In particular, the method is used to identify the body parts that need treatment, and the chiropractor will message them. During the massage, the therapist will stretch the muscles, improve blood flow, and break up adhesions. Researchers have clinically proven that the Graston technique can assist with neck pain, back pain, Golfers and Tennis elbow, rotator cuff issues, surgical scarring, cesarean scarring, shin splints, and trigger finger.

Sacro-occipital technique

It is a method that traverses the basic spinal adjustment and was developed by Bertrand Dejarnette. It relies on the therapist using indicators that show where and when to adjust. For instance, if the patient suffers from muscle tension in their knees, the chiropractor will correct the pelvic connective tissues. Such fibers are found at the skull base. Due to that, the method helps to relieve spinal pain. In summation, the method assists in normalizing the respiratory mechanism of the cranial sacral.

Although the guide above provides the best chiropractic techniques, a certified chiropractor offers several others. Notably, understanding the fundamental differences between them can assist you to make informed decisions for your treatment plan.