Will Banning Guns Stop Crime?

When it comes to owning a firearm, many people are up in arms about it. No pun intended. With so many shootings happening, hearing the word gun itself may be enough to make people cringe or turn up their noses! There are many people who are against guns and feel that they should be banned. However, of course, there are others who feel it is their constitutional right to bear arms and are pressed to do so if they choose. This is an extremely touchy subject, one in which I have no side as both sides have very good points. Rather, I will just look at the facts.

Guns are dangerous, let’s not deny that. How often have we saw a news headline about a child getting a hold of a parent’s gun and shooting someone and in some cases even themselves? Recently, there was even a story about a father who accidentally shot and killed his daughter because he thought she was an intruder. How many school shootings have we seen from Columbine to Sandy Hook and let’s not forget the LGBT club shooting in Florida or the church shooting in South Carolina. These are all horrendous acts, and something should definitely be done to help prevent further tragedies such as these, but what? Is taking away the right to legally own a gun going to stop these incidents? I question that since the people who own guns legally are usually law-abiding citizens while the criminals tend to have guns that are bought via the Black Market and illegal.

Now, when it comes to owning a gun, I can also certainly see why someone would want to. You want to know that you and your family are safe and can defend yourself against an intruder if necessary. Let’s be honest. If someone is entering your home, by the time the police arrive, you will probably have already been injured and even worse, you may be dead. It is important that everyone have the right to protect themselves. If you are indeed going to own a firearm, choosing the right type of gun is really important. Most 9mm Handguns are a great firearm due to its size and power. You want to make sure you have a gun that can do the job, but also one that you can handle with ease just in case you ever have to use it.

It is my wish that no one had to resort to having guns in order to feel safe but sadly, this is the world that we live in. The days of people leaving their doors and windows open as they slept or leaving bicycles on the front lawn are seemingly long gone. Now, everything has to be locked up extra tight and people have to watch out for other people whereas we should instead look out for one another. But I guess that’s just my naive wishful thinking. Hopefully one day there truly will be peace on earth and we can work on living our best life while enjoying this beautiful planet we live on.