Get to know of Thailand Martial Arts Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the martial arts that has many enthusiasts around the world. Muay Thai comes from the country of Thailand, which was originally a traditional sport by relying on limbs as a weapon. According to the Muay language comes from Sanskrit which means “Martial Boxing” and Thai which means “Thai tribe”. A Muay Thai practitioner is called Nak Muay.

In addition to the hobby, This Martial Art fans, of course, take advantage of his knowledge for self-defense and health.

Many things that make the difference Muay Thai self-became popular. From movies (Ong-Bak, Tom-Yum-Goong, Bloodsport), to video games (Tekken, Street Fighter).

Muay Thai Differences with Kick Boxing

Many people think that Muay Thai and kickboxing are the same. Although both have the same basic techniques, actually there are differences. A Muay Thai practitioner claims that Muay Thai has existed since 2,000 years ago.

Almost the same as some other martial arts, initially the soldiers who lost their weapons made Muay Thai the last self-defense. As the times progressed, this self-diversity became a sporting entertainment, where two people fought in front of the audience. Then gradually become part of local festivals, especially at the Hindu-Buddhist temple shrine.

While kickboxing is a development of Muay Thai. In the 1950s, a Japanese businessman made a movie about Muay Thai in Thailand and brought the film to Japan. A few years later, he drafted the concept of Thai Boxing, a martial art that combines Muay Thai, karate and boxing.

Muay Thai Philosophy: Body is a Weapon

As mentioned above, Muay Thai martial arts do not use weapons, as this martial art considers the body (bones and flesh) to be a weapon. Here’s an illustration that can explain the body’s philosophy is a weapon:

  • Hands hit like arrows
  • Arm likened to a sword
  • The elbows and knees are used as axes in warfare
  • The dry bones of the foot are conditioned to bump like a stick and work like a spear.

Benefits of Learning Muay Thai Martial Arts

Some of the common benefits of learning Muay Thai are:

1. Self-defense from crime

This is the main goal of martial learning. Muay Thai movements have an effective and easy pattern, so they can be applied in various conditions.

2. Burn fat & maintain health

Sweating is very good for the body because the toxins can come out through the sweat. In addition, with regular practice, Muay Thai can also help burn fat so that your weight is maintained.

3. Increase leg strength

Many attacks from Muay Thai are using kicks. Therefore, the strength of your feet must be increased.

4. Forming the body

Physical exercise in Muay Thai practice can certainly help shape the body, both men, and women.

There is nothing wrong to try Muay Thai martial learning because, in addition to getting many benefits, we can also learn the culture of neighboring countries.

If you want to continue to develop it, then you should pursue the science and try to follow various tournaments are held, so you can get more experience.…