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3 Popular Gun Choices

By Lucille Wood Jul20,2020

When it comes to selecting the right firearm, certain things need to be considered before making a purchase. For personal protection outside of the home, size, weight and ease of access are important factors. Even if the state or city permits it, carrying a rifle or shotgun around all day every day would be impractical and cumbersome. A small handgun that is easy to carry is much more practical and comfortable. Firearms purchased for home protection or hunting allow for a larger variety of options.

1. Handguns

A popular and practical choice for anyone who wants a discreet weapon that can be safely carried during the day or used to protect the home. Revolvers and pistols are the two most common choices. There are many types of Glocks that offer different features and decorative options.

2. Shotguns

The distinctive sound of a shotgun being racked is recognized by most people around the world, although it may be best to already have it ready to go before an intruder or an animal can be spooked by the noise. A versatile shotgun is the 12-gauge, which can be used for home protection and hunting both large and small game. There are different types of shells available to cover different scenarios.

3. Rifles

Another firearm that is great for both home protection and hunting is the rifle. There are many varieties available and selecting the proper one is important. The barrel length, stock and actions all affect the performance. The right rifle will be a comfortable weight and length and be able to be loaded and fired quickly and easily.

Whether it is for personal protection or hunting, make sure that any gun taken out of the house is properly secured and that all laws are followed. Consider all the options carefully before making a purchase, as a gun that is not easy to use will not serve its intended purpose and could lead to accidents.

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