Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Add Fun and Funds to Your Golf Tournament with These Contests

Golf outings are a popular summertime event for golf courses around the country, with local businesses flocking to the opportunity to get their business in front of the golfers as they enjoy their time on the course. The addition of golf tournament contests to an outing adds a little bit of competitive edge to the proceedings, as well as incentivizes potential players to take the plunge and sign up in the hopes of winning one of the prizes, making it easier for you to fill all your groups.

Hole-in-One Rewards

One of the best ways to add a big number to your advertisements without having to spend so big is a hole-in-one prize. Because it is uncommon for anyone to record a hole-in-one during a tournament, this is commonly handled by paying a much smaller fee than the offered prize to an insurance policy on the reward, which means you’re not on the hook should somebody hole out.

Straightest Drive Competition

If you’re looking to throw a curveball to your players, try this fun twist on longest drive competitions. Instead of choosing a hole to award a prize to the longest shot off the tee, paint a line down the center of a fairway and track who drives closest to the middle. This works best on the straightest Par-5 on the course, or even a long Par-4 as long as you’re sure nobody will drive the green.

Closest to the Pin

Staying on the accuracy bandwagon, a closest to the pin competition on a Par-3 is a simple way to add a prize to your event and give your players something extra to shoot for. These little touches can help to turn a good golf outing into a great one.

For participants sitting on the fence, your selection of contests and prizes can be the difference between signing up or passing, and they make the day more fun for all players. If you’re planning an outing of your own, make sure to include a few of these or other contests to keep your golfers entertained.

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