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Consider These Factors When Choosing Offshore or Inshore Fishing

By Lucille Wood Sep23,2020

If you are new to the world of fishing, you might learn about the differences between inshore and offshore fishing. Even though you still perform the same activities no matter the location, there are other factors that change several aspects of your experience. Your plans could benefit if you consider the following factors before choosing an area.

Time Limits

Fishing can be a relaxing activity, but you may not have all the time in the world to do so. The smaller territory provided by inshore fishing St. Augustine gives you less time to prepare equipment and explore the area. However, it also means you can save time and fish faster between four to six hours. In contrast, offshore fishing requires more time for you to set up. At the same time, there is less pressure to return to shore, so you can spend up to eight hours at your leisure.

Quality or Quantity

Your preference in offshore or inshore fishing also depends on whether you prioritize the quality or the quantity of fish more. You will catch less in farther locations, though this is because you will find larger and rarer fish that are more valuable than more common types. If you choose to get closer to the shore, you will have an easier time finding more fish. This option is perfect if you want a less intense day, especially if you bring company along.


Not only are the fish deeper in the ocean, such as marlin, wahoo and amberjack, unique and bigger, but they are also more challenging to catch. It can take between 30 minutes up to an hour to get even one. Inshore fishing offers smaller types like snook and snapper that require less time and lighter equipment. If you are still green to fishing, inshore fishing might be your best option.

Your location has a greater impact on your fishing than you realize. Both options offer their unique advantages and setbacks, so choose what best fits your preferences and goals.

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