Kart Racing Accessories and Parts

Over the past 50 years, go karts have evolved from just a slow, small vehicle meant for general entertainment, to becoming an incredibly fast vehicle for one of the most competitive types of motor racing in America. For many high-level motorsport racers, such as professional Nasar drivers, kart racing was as stepping stone that trained them to get to their level. As a recreational activity, people ranging in age from 5 to 75 can drive go karts designed to move slowly and give a pure form of entertainment. Many amusement parks add go kart rinks to give park goers a safe, fun race. However, karts designed for competitive races can go up to 176 mph and give racers a thrill to remember.

Racing karts take on a lot of wear and tear in just a single race. Tires are not meant to go so fast for long periods of time, and the go karts that are raced and pushed hard to win a race. Their normal wear and tear requires their users to perform regular tune-ups and maintenance to ensure the karts continue running smoothly at full efficiency and without any major issues. There are several tools that you can order to make the process of maintaining the go karts easier and more efficient, keeping them in tip top shape and ready to race.

One of the most important parts to have for kart maintenance isn’t a special tool at all, it is a streeter basic stationary kart stand. The streeter stand is designed specifically to help doing mechanical work on karts whether it be at home, on the track, or at the shop. It has horizontal top tubes and durable standard black powder coat finish. The stand makes working on karts an easier task b lifting it up into the air and allowing either mechanics or the kart owners to more easily access the karts small parts. It creates a comfortable working level and is a very sturdy stand at a very comfortable price point. The stand can lift to 300 pounds and whether you are at home or getting ready for a race on the track, this stand gives you an easy way to work on your kart.

Racers and/ or regular cart owners also have the option to buy a lift that is even easier to use than the standard lift. The super lift is designed to be a durable, lightweight, and functional automated lift stand. They feature upper push and control handles and come with built-in switches. They have a belt drive and batter mount and safety cover to make doing kart repairs easier and more organized than it’s ever been. The automated lift stand gives racers an easier way to work on their cart without compromising price.
Go karts, whether they are used for recreation or high-speed racers will need maintenance at one point or another. Before breaking a sweat invest in some tools and make working on your kart hassle free.