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Lung Cancer Surgery: Less Invasive Interventions

By Lucille Wood Apr2,2022

Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive in humans. It is the leading cause of cancer death among men and women. It is the third most common type of cancer, only surpassed by colon and rectal cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. However, lung mortality is responsible for higher mortality, accounting for 20.3% of all deaths caused by a tumor. One of the reasons why lung cancer has such a poor prognosis is its late diagnosis. In eight out of ten patients diagnosed with lung cancer, the tumor will be locally advanced or metastasize. This means that only two out of ten patients can undergo surgery.

The Local State

When lung cancer occurs in a local state, surgical intervention is the standard treatment and with it what is sought is to remove the tumor lesion along with the pulmonary lobe in which it occurs. The research developed in recent years has greatly improved this surgical treatment of lung cancer, improving both its results and minimizing the damage and discomfort caused to the patient.

The Surgery

At first, lung cancer surgery was performed through a thoracotomy, a type of intervention in which the chest wall is opened to get directly on the lung. Currently, minimally invasive lung cancer surgery is being chosen, such as videothoracoscopy – a very useful technique in the diagnosis of lung lesions that allows both biopsy and, in some cases, complete removal of the tumor – and more recently, robotic lung cancer surgery has been incorporated, that allows interventions with less pain for the patient and with a faster recovery.

Speak to a Professional

Minimally invasive lung cancer surgery is currently being chosen. Recently, robotic surgery has been incorporated, which allows interventions with less pain for the patient and also with a faster recovery. If you have any symptoms of the lung disease, it is best to see someone who specializes in lung cancer Orange Countybased.

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