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Michigan Grand Rapids Modeling Agencies- What Models and Talent in MI Need to Keep in Mind

By Lucille Wood Jan 15, 2019

It’s true that it is better to start younger as a model because you will have more time to improve and more opportunities to take. When you are photogenic and communicative, maybe this is the best industry for you. If you get hired by a great agency and you or your kid is 12 or younger, there is a great chance you will have some success.

You need to like this industry if you want to make it because it will take a lot of time and effort to make any money. The first thing you will have to build is an online presence because it is the future of any business and then you can start doing some important jobs for famous firms. Finding a good Grand Rapids modeling agency online is the first thing you can try, but you can also consider asking someone you know that is in the industry.

Do the Research

Most people think that what they see on TV is what every model is doing, but that is maybe 1% of all the work they are doing. Besides having many types of modeling, the overall journey every model takes is very hard. Someone can fit a few types which is better for them because there will be more opportunities.

When it comes to kids, the possibilities for success are high. There aren’t too many factors you have to follow as a kid in order to beat your competition. The only thing you have to do is to fit the part. Even better is when you have a great personality which will be better represented with nice clothing. Most of the kids start as commercial models and after getting to a certain age, they move on to being fashion models.

Be Realistic

Modeling like acting is an entertainment industry which is very competitive. How you look is the most important thing in it, so you won’t make it if you don’t have the right look. Maybe you like what you see on TV and your goal is to be on the runway, but you are only 5’2″. You won’t get a chance to even prove yourself because agencies will reject you. Celebrities are the exception because they are great influencers.

Also, models are referred to like rich people, with rich friends, which isn’t always true. There was a study that shows that the average hourly wage was $18 per hour in 2015. Always finish school so you can have something secure if you don’t accomplish your goals in fashion. This is also one of the reasons why it is great to try as a child because you will know where you are at when you grow up.

Advice for Younger Models

It is important to involve your parents in your plan of becoming a model because if you are under 18 you will need permission from your parents. Every parent will understand when you show your dedication and how important it is to you. Doing your research before talking to your parents would be a great idea.

School should still be a priority because you will always find time to do things you like. If you explain to people around you that it will help you boost your confidence and it is a way of expressing yourself, they will support you. The problem is when parents are forcing their kids to do modeling which you can even see on TV. Click here to read more.

Modeling School

One thing that will help you a lot is taking modeling classes or joining a modeling school. You don’t have to finish this school to become successful, but they will teach you something that would take you more time to accomplish alone. Every agency can direct you to the school that is best for you.

The only problem is that they can be very expensive depending on the school. If you are a rising talent, some agencies will pay for your schooling which comes with the contract. There are a lot of scams you should worry about, so do your research. Besides school finances, there will be additional expenses for photographers.

Study Magazines

The best way to learn is to look what other professionals are doing. Runways are a different thing than posing, so if you have some doubts about your posing, you should look at some popular magazines and try to imitate them. It doesn’t have to be only magazine you can also use print advertisements or catalogs.

You have to look natural in front of the camera, and if it doesn’t flow as it should, you can manage this through practice. The mirror is your best friend when you are a model because you can see what other people see on you, it is a perfect practicing tool. It will also help you boost your confidence because some poses may seem unusual.

Local Opportunities

Experience means a lot in the industry because it is some kind of proof that you are accepted in the market. When you do small gigs without an agency you will gain some confidence and you will be comfortable in doing your job. There are always auditions for commercial modeling where you can earn some money and maybe get some pictures for your portfolio.

Always look for small business because they won’t hire some expensive model for the job. When you see how everything works you will maybe decide that it isn’t for you because it takes a lot of time and commitment. You need to enjoy what you are doing in order to succeed. Sometimes you won’t get paid but you will get some kind of exposure and experience.

Even if the opportunities are small you need to act professionally. You have to prove from the start that you have what it takes to be a great model. Care about your health and your posture, and always be on time. An important thing is to read what the contract says so you can avoid scammers.

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