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Riding a Motorcycle is Freaking Awesome

By Lucille Wood Apr26,2017

There are as many reasons for owning a motorcycle, as there are people who ride them! Let’s examine some of the most common reasons.
Motorcycles are a magnet for the opposite sex

There are few things sexier than a male or female in control of a two-wheel speed machine! When a person can ride a bike well, that person commands the attention and respect of others. Part of the persona of a biker is promoted through movies and TV where bikers are portrayed as sexy, adventurous, and attractive. There is NO reason why a biker can’t take advantage of that image. You can own that persona!

Biking can satisfy your wanderlust

If you want to explore your town or state or if you’re interested in interstate or international biking, go for it! The breeze caressing your face as you motor through hills and mountains, beside beautiful lakes and streams, or even the ocean, biking is the best way to travel and experience nature. So many beautiful places in the United States, Canada, and Mexico are only a bike ride away. Get on your bike and enjoy life!

Motorcycles are energy efficient

Motorcycles are more energy efficient than cars and are cheaper to drive because of excellent fuel efficiency. If you want to calculate the difference between the costs of owning and operating a car versus a motorcycle, visit here. You can fill in information on the Cars vs. Motorcycle MPG Calculator, to calculate the energy efficiency of a bike compared to a car.

Now that we have explored some of the reasons why motorcycle ownership and riding is freaking awesome let’s examine the bikes themselves. What type of bike is best for your needs? Should you purchase a new or pre-owned motorcycle?

Types of Bikes

There are different motorcycles from which to choose, let’s look at the Harley-Davidson family of bikes. There are several types of Harley’s like the Street, Sportster, Softail, Touring, CVO, and Trike. The Street bike is easy to handle and depending on the style boasts up to a 750cc twin engine making it ideal for city driving. The Sportster provides low, bucket seats, and the low center of gravity aids in maneuverability and safety. The Softail is a powerful, high-performance machine. The Touring bike gives the nod to a vintage bike appearance but with the power of current technology. There are the one-of-a-kind CVO bike and the Trike for those who want the joy of riding a bike but no longer want to hold up a 2-wheel motorcycle.

New or a Pre-Owned Motorcycle

Let’s say you have already decided you want a bike and you’ve decided which bike you want. The next consideration is your budget! If your budget dictates you need to purchase a pre-owned motorcycle, buy from a reputable dealer so you can be assured your bike has passed all safety checks. If you’re in the area, drop by pre-owned motorcycles Kansas City MO, for great deals!

Bike Safety

Don’t forget about biker safety! If you have never driven a bike, you might want to take a rider course. Additionally, you need to learn about the rules of the road for motorcyclists as well as tips to keep yourself safe. Visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s website for information on course offerings for your area and general safety tips.

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