Some Facts about Hunting Blackbuck

Blackbuck is an antelope that has its origin in India and is currently becoming very popular in Texas. There are approximately 20,000 blackbucks that are currently living in Texas. This animal was introduced in Texas in 1932 in the Edwards Plateau. They adapted perfectly well apart from the extreme winter temperatures that seem to suppress their numbers each year.  And being able to go a blackbuck antelope hunting excursion can always be unforgettable, especially if it is done correctly. This guide will bring on board some facts that will come in handy the next time you go hunting blackbucks.

The blackbuck sports a brown- blackish upper body and a very contrasting white underbelly. The inside side of the legs is also strikingly white. The white ring also circles its eyes and having the rest of the face as dark in color. Females are a little bit brighter than the males. The males carry long striking horns that form a V on the head. The horns are long and ridged forming a corkscrewing shape. The horns are about 18 inches long. They can grow up to 30 inches in length. Regardless of the length of the horns, they are stunning trophies. Males stand at approximately 30 inches and weigh around 80 pounds. Females weigh about 70 pounds.

In Texas, the blackbuck has only one predator that the coyotes. Coyotes apply selective predation as they mainly hunt young fawns and the ill and old adults. The selective predation is thus a chance for the blackbuck to grow to ripe maturity. At their ripe ages, the bucks are really nice trophies. Best trophies are the horns that have more than five spirals.

These amazing creatures are able to withstand even the hottest temperatures and thereby being able to eat maximally during the day. They also drink lots of water during the day. The blackbuck is a grazer and feeds maximally on short grass. They also eat short bushes. This should give you hints for good hunting grounds. From time to time, they may invade farmers’ farms to eat millet and sorghum. Male bucks are territorial, so you are unlikely to find two males in close range. They also keep a tab of females and will thus spend most of their times feeding and watching over the females. On the other hand, females can give birth to fawns about twice a year.

Hunting the Blackbuck

You can only hunt a blackbuck successfully from a blind ground. This is only the best chance to get the animal flatfooted. Stalking can be done, but success rates are quite low. This is due to the fact that

Always ensure that you are well camouflaged if you are really hopeful of getting a buck successfully. Hunting a blackbuck isn’t a walk in the park. The timid little creatures can clock 50mphwhen they feel threatened. You can also be on the lookout at water holes and prime feeding areas if you are to get one. You also need to be very patient when hunting black bucks. It is advisable that you use flat shooting cartridges. You also have to be a very skilled marksman.