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Types of Concealed Carry Gear

By Lucille Wood Jul13,2022

There are several types of concealed carry gear. Listed below are some common items. Pocket carry is probably the easiest to conceal. Alternatively, you can choose a multi-pocket vest, shoulder holster, or unbuttoned flannel shirt. Regardless of the type of concealment gear, you must be comfortable carrying the weapon in the intended location. Listed below are some tips on what concealment gear to choose.

Unbuttoned flannel shirt

If you are a man who prefers to look relaxed, an unbuttoned flannel shirt can be the perfect concealment gear. Flannel shirts are comfortable and can be worn at any location, including the office and the home. They look like a dress shirt and go well with leather dress shoes and funky socks. In addition, they are breathable and made of 100% cotton.

Flannel shirts are also extremely versatile. Flannel shirts come in all different colors and styles. Flannel shirts have a timeless appeal. They will never go out of style and are available in many colors. Despite their traditional appearance, they have evolved into stylish versions with bold colors and modern prints over the years. These shirts have a very versatile style and can work for casual and smart settings.

The flannel fabric is soft and breathable. The loose weave of the flannel shirt prevents moisture from collecting and causing skin rashes and fungal infections. Flannel is also antibacterial, and the lanolin wax in wool kills germs and creates an unfriendly environment for bacteria. Flannel is very easy to clean, and regular washing is recommended.

Shoulder holster

Shoulder holsters are an integral part of concealment gear. They make carrying a gun easier and safer, giving you a comfortable place to carry your firearm while remaining concealed. Some types even include a swivel system to facilitate horizontal draws. These models are particularly useful for active people and those who often need to move around. In addition, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

One of the first things to look for in a concealed carry holster is how tight it rides on your body. Shoulder holsters that ride tight to your body and are adjustable are ideal, but they should also fit your particular firearm. For example, a slim subcompact will fit perfectly in a slim holster, while full-sized guns should have a thin slide. For maximum concealment, a holster should also be adjustable to allow you to adjust the length of the slide.

Multi-pocket vest

A multi-pocket vest is a very useful piece of concealment gear. It has multiple pockets designed to carry a full-size handgun and conceal various other items. The pockets are lined with a soft fleece material that minimizes heat loss. In addition, there are extra cargo pockets and an internal document pocket on the vest. 

The pockets are not visible from the outside. Instead, they are formed between layers of fabric with a vertical slot opening adjacent to the closure. The preferred embodiment has VELCRO hook-and-loop fastener material that is spaced apart and parallel to one another and is located on the inside panel of the concealed pocket closest to the user. This pocket can be used to store a two-way radio, a firearm magazine, or other items.

Pocket carry

Several types of concealed carry gear are available, and many people prefer to use pocket carry as a backup weapon. However, many people also choose this method of concealment as their primary weapon. While pocket carry may not be the best option for everyone, knowing what to look for is still beneficial. First, make sure that your gun fits snugly into your pocket. If necessary, have a tailor sew a holder inside the interior of your pants or shirt. Otherwise, your gun may fall out of the pocket or even sit upside down.

A high-quality concealment belt will help keep the gun hidden. It would help if you also considered purchasing pants with extra room around the hips. In addition, it will prevent the gun from printing, making it easier to draw it in a moment of need. Another type of concealment gear to consider is a pocket-sized magazine pouch. This type of pouch is perfect for carrying a small pistol or a small handgun.

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