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Types of Flooring for Courts and Playgrounds

By Lucille Wood Feb18,2019

A lot has changed in the past fifty years when it comes to playground design because we now have different kinds of materials, we can use that look better and are safer, which is the most important thing for kids. There are many different types to choose from and every one of them has their advantages and disadvantages.

When someone falls on the concrete, they will surely have worse injuries than falling on the grass. Now we have wetpour flooring that will do even a better job than other materials. It is much easier to control the equipment used for playgrounds. The materials used are separated into two types, those that are poured in place and loose fill like rubber mulch or wood fiber.

Artificial Grass

A good thing about this type of surface is that you will have an awesome green oasis in one day of work from a dull grey desert. It produces a way more inviting and pleasant outdoor area for kids to enjoy and it is softer than asphalt or tarmac. The safety is also better. It won’t worm up that fast like other materials meaning that kids can enjoy their day in warm weather.

You probably have seen this type of surface used for football courts and other sports as well. It is very easy to install markings, so people can play multiple sports in one area. Of course, the quality depends on the company you hire, and there are different ways of making it. So, it is important to do deeper research, so you can choose the right company to work with. Some of the benefits include low maintenance requirements like no need to be reseeded, weeded, or mowed. It can be used throughout the whole year.

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Wetpour Surfacing

Rubber mulch and wetpour surfacing are very similar because we have rubber that is recycled and bond together to make a softer material that is great at reducing damage when something falls on it. The difference is that rubber mulch isn’t that smooth and it’s less useful for sports and playing games. A great thing is that you can create all kinds of designs and use multiple colors that will be more interesting to people.

There are many schools that use this type of flooring for their playgrounds, and you can see them in many private yards. It is wheelchair friendly, very durable, maintenance free, and free-draining. Professionals recommend it if schools plan to install climbing frames or trim trails.

Grass Matting

Sometimes you have a great area to grow grass, and people like that because it is more natural, but even then it isn’t always the ideal place for children. It can get very muddy and slippery when they overuse it. Professionals thought about it a lot and found a great solution. They decided to add rubber matting over the area with grass.

When you put the mattinag over, the grass won’t wear out easily, mud can form but under the surface, so kids won’t get dirty, and it will be less slippery. The only maintenance is mowing the grass which is done over the matting like normal grass. It isn’t that expensive most of the schools can afford it and improve the safety of their users. Also, it can be used over the whole year.

Other Surfaces

A modern option to asphalt or tarmac is resin bound gravel. People mostly use it for pathways, but it can be placed on playgrounds. It’s made from a mixture of polyurethane resin and aggregate gravel. This combination provides a durable and hard surface. So, it isn’t meant for playing games on it were kids can get injured, but it is a great platform for bikes and wheelchairs. Read more on this page.

Because you can use different materials for the same area, for the pathways, a great option is block paving. There are a lot of patterns you can use which will make it interesting and decorative. It’s an affordable option that is long lasting. If you have been on a running track, it probably was made of rubber mulch. There are a variety of colors that can be used and it is very soft. It is good at preventing injuries and looks natural.

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