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Ways to Stay Healthy

By Lucille Wood May15,2020

Trying to stay well when it’s cold and flu season or if there’s a nasty virus lurking around is a challenge. Since humans touch their faces about 20 times an hour, it’s best to keep your hands clean. There are several precautions that you can take to stay as germ free as possible.

Don’t Touch

The absolute best way to maintain germ-free hands is to simply stop touching surfaces where germs linger. If possible, use a pencil or other stylus-type instrument to push buttons at the ATM or to scroll through a public iPad. Use a paper towel to turn off faucets and open doors. Keep a pair of disposable gloves in your pocket for shopping. Grab items with the hem of your shirt as a last resort. Although this may be awkward, keeping germs completely off your hands is the safest route to keeping them out of your mouth and nose.

Wash Thoroughly

Most people were taught to wash their hands if they got dirty, but germs are like invisible dirt. They can cover your hands without you ever knowing it. Extended hand washing should be a frequent activity throughout the day. It’s important to not forget the backs of hands, wrists, and under fingernails. Using a mild soap will help keep your skin from getting irritated.

Eat Right

Eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables helps keep your immune system strong making it easier for it to fight off viruses that do creep in. Taking a daily multi-vitamin and drinking plenty of water also aid in this effort. Zinc, selenium and vitamin D specifically have been shown to boost your immune system.

Staying healthy and germ free are a daily challenge. Although it would be impossible to never get sick, certain illnesses can be prevented by avoiding touching surfaces where germs lurk, mitigating germs on your hands, and building a strong immune system.

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