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Safety Equipment Every Motorcycle Rider Should Have

By Lucille Wood Jan 20, 2017

Riding down the open highway with the fresh wind against your face may be an enjoyable past time for you. In fact, many individuals take to their bikes out as soon as the spring weather hits. When it comes to staying safe on the roadway, there are some necessary safety pieces that you should own.

The first piece of equipment that every motorcycle operator should have is a helmet. These are designed to protect the head against severe damage and abrasions during an accident. Helmets come in a variety of different styles, some being full-shells and others being partial-shells. The full-shell helmets tend to be much safer when it comes to protection from abrasion as compared to partial-shell helmets. When checking the size, make sure that you try on a few different helmets. Your helmet should fit snugly and not move too much in any one direction.

Gloves are another great piece of safety equipment that can save you a lot of pain during your ride. Covering up your hands can protect them from the natural elements, like the rain. They also can protect your hands from bugs that will be flying at your hands at the speed that you’re going down the road. If you’re traveling at 50 mph, realize that a bug is going to be smashing your hand. Protective gloves can help to cushion the blow. These are also helpful to protect your hands from abrasions when accidents occur.

If you are a motorcycle rider that opts for the partial-shell helmet, you’re going to want to purchase some 509 goggles. These are necessary to protect your eyes from flying objects, like insects and rocks, when riding down the highway. They especially come in handy when unexpected weather, like rain or snow, hits the road. Realize that you can purchase both day and night vision goggles as each is constructed to help improve visibility during their ideal use time of the day.

A good pair of sturdy boots is a great option to improve your safety when riding on a motorcycle. They can help you to grip the pegs when they have an extended heel. This makes relaxing your legs during riding much easier than when riding with typical tennis shoes. If you want to opt for more safety on the road, you can purchase higher boots, such as mid-calf or knee-high, that will protect more of your legs. Opting for boots without laces can help to ensure that they don’t come loose while riding as that could end in the laces getting stuck on the bike pegs. Just remember to pick a boot that will be comfortable when riding for long hours.

As a motorcycle operator or rider, you should do your best to prepare yourself against harm. The above are just some pieces of the recommended safety equipment that you should have on when riding down the highway. Remember that the more equipment you have on, the less likely you’ll be injured when involved in an accident.

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